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XI exhibition-contest in Stupino has started!


On Saturday, August 12, the grand opening of the XI exhibition of scale models and military-historical miniatures in Stupino took place!

The video about the opening is already available on the Alex Ferarist channel.

A small photoreport can be found on the site "Sailing Modeling".



Alex Ferarist channel - media partner of the exhibition in Stupino!

On the channel Alex Ferarist you can see reviews on various models, special editions, in which we can show many interesting things.

Channel Alex Ferarist is the official information sponsor of the exhibition in Stupino. On our website and YouTube channel you will see reports about the preparation for the exhibition and of course the review of the exhibition itself.

W.M.C. Models - sponsor of Stupino contest!

Company W.M.C. Models has existed since 2009 and is developing and publishing models in paper. The magazine is published in 2 languages: Russian and Lithuanian, as the publishing house is located in Lithuania.
The magazine was licensed in 2008, and the first issue was published in 2009 in August.

W.M.C Models.

The partner of the exhibition is VIM-AVIA company

In 2016, the airline carried more than 2.07 million passengers. The basis of VIM-AVIA's activity consists of regular and charter passenger transportation from Moscow and regional Russian centers.

The VIM-AVIA fleet consists of aircrafts such as Boeing 737-500, Boeing 757-200, Boeing 767-300, Boeing 777-200 and 777-300, Airbus A319-111 and Airbus A330-200. The airline is based at Moscow's Domodedovo Airport.


Begemot decals - sponsor of Stupino contest!

Begemot company has started with decal printing not suddenly, on occasion. Our specialization originates from our common hobby, scale modeling, and many of us worked as far back as in early 1990s in Politekhnika company that was one of pioneers in development and production of its own models, later – in Travers, acknowledged nationwide leader in decal printing industry. Begemot has been marketing the decals under its own tradename for the last years.


ZIPmaket -sponsor of Supino contest!

ZIPmaket is a Russian manufacturer of aftermarket for models and dioramas, chemistry for scale modeling and professional tools. For three years of existence, the range of products of the manufacturer covers the unimaginable many aspects of modeling. Presented throughout Russia, from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok, the company's products have earned recognition both from professional modelers and from beginners.

«САМОЦВЕТЫ» салон Натальи Степуниной

"Сжимая руку любимого, целуя на ночь малыша, просыпаясь с улыбкой каждому дню... Эти ускользающие мгновения, которые хочется сохранить навсегда, воплощены в украшениях от Натальи Степуниной. Это то, что в твоём сердце.
На открытии и закрытии выставки в Ступино я рада представить Вам свои авторские украшения из самоцветных натуральных камней. Во всех украшениях тщательно подобраны камни по их свойствам и качествам. Все изделия, сделанные мной, являются уникальными и неповторимыми. Я помогу подобрать Вам украшение по Вашему знаку зодиака, темпераменту и настроению. Проведу консультации по подбору камней для повседневного ношения и для особых случаев."
Мой салон "Самоцветы" находится по адресу: г. Тула, ул. Демонстрации, д. 1б."


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